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ICC Compliance Center has developed these new GHS Posters and Charts to help you our customers, transition from old OSHA requirement to the new WHMIS 2.0 Regulations in Canada. OSHA HazCom pictograms and classification symbols.. WHMIS 2.0 will become law in Canada 2014. If you control purchasing in USA for Canada, please contact customer service to have the correct posters shipped for all your offices. All posters are available in English, Spanish, and French. All Posters have .002 clear film laminate so they last longer.

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GHS HazCom Pictogram Posters and Charts

Wall posters are designed for the common workplace area such as warehouses, training rooms, and lunch rooms. The OSHA HazCom chart makes a great handout for training classes as a quick reference. Two sizes to choose from:
1. Large wall poster – laminated tagboard, 23" x 35"
2. Charts for drivers, shippers and handouts – gloss paper,
8.5" x 11"

ICC's posters will help your company comply with the new OSHA Hazcom or WHMIS regulations in Canada, ICC Compliance Center would like to see you, our customer, help your customers downstream in understanding the new GHS symbols. In another 26 years our future children will understand the GHS OSHA HazCom system.
Buy them the reference GHS symbol chart shown above

Code PO-MS50EF Poster 23" x 35" English/French $35.00ea
Code PO-MS50ES Poster 23" x 35" English/Spanish $35.00ea
  • Buy 10 for $28.35 each – save 19%
  • Buy 25 for $25.72 each – save 27%
Code PO-M-51 Clipboard Charts 8.5" x 11" English/French



Globally Harmonized Systems GHS Posters

ICC's new eye catching OSHA and WHMIS 2.0 Posters contain training requirements for SDS Labeling, GHS Symbols, samples of GHS Bottle Labels and New GHS Workplace Label System. Available in English, Spanish, and French. Put these new posters in training rooms, lunchrooms, or warehouses.


Code PO-MS52E Poster 23" x 35" English $31.14
Code PO-MS52F Poster 23" x 35" French  
Code PO-MS52S Poster 23" x 35" Spanish $31.14


globbally harmonized system ghs posters
NEW WHMIS 2.0 GHS posters Globally Harmonized Systems USA GHS Posters
This Hazcom 2014 information poster outlines the six label components along with a sample shipped container label for reference. Also learn the 16 sections on a safety data sheet (SDS) including those that are optional. This poster comes with GHS pictograms for workers to quickly identify hazards.

Product Code: PO-MS71
GHS USA label requirements poster contains information on identifying label components to ensure compliance.All hazardous chemical labels must contain specific types of information under GHS requirements. Make sure you and your employees are aware of the six label components to ensure safety in the workplace. This poster outlines each component with a description, and includes a sample shipped container label. Great for posting in the warehouse, lunchroom or any common area

Product Code: PO-MS70
Globally Harmonized Hazard Communication System Posters
This poster makes a great training tool. If you are a manufacturer or end user this poster explains GHS requirements for inner containers (bottles), GHS Drum Labels with DOT / TDG, GHS Signs, Danger and Warning with GHS pictograms with hazards, with GHS symbols and GHS classification.
These posters also have the new GHS Workplace Label System. Please call for a demo of this unique system with no ratings, just pictograms. What workplace system will you use with GHS? Ask for samples. New HMIS Orange System or GHMIS Green Environmental System. (see below) ICC will recommend the green system because we want to make sure the environmental is used in the workplace. We at ICC want to make sure employees in the workplace do not put any toxic chemicals down the drain pipes.
Code PO-MS53U Poster 23" x 35" English $43.59
Code PO-MS53F Poster 23" x 35" French  
Code PO-MS53S Poster 23" x 35" Spanish $43.59


NEW HMIS GHS Workplace Label System

New HMIS GHS Workplace Poster English 23" X 35"

New HMIS GHS Workplace Poster Spanish 23" X 35"


ICC is pleased to offer you, our customer, our NEW GHS HMIS Workplace Label System that includes the GHS within OSHA Hazcom requirements. We have new charts on the left that includes the Health Hazard, 2 Physical Hazards, 1 in red for flammability and 1 in Orange for all the other Physical hazards. There is no rating system (HMIS BLOG) because GHS categories are from 1 to 5. (One) 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest. NFPA has 0 to 4 with 4 being the highest.
This makes things confusing because they are opposites to GHS classification.

We have also included the new Target Organ Effect requirements. We have two label styles to choose from:
1. with Tick marks and the other with block outs. HMIS manuals can be seen
Also included is the new ICC EXPANDED PPE so all workplaces can enjoy the system. Samples GHS Drum Labels are also on the poster.

Available in English, Spanish on Demand
Code PO-MS55U HMIS Style Poster 23" x 35" English $43.59
CodePO-MS55FPoster 23" x 35" French  
CodePO-MS55S HMIS Style Poster 23" x 35" Spanish $43.59
New HazCom HMIS Workplace Chart Size: 8.5" x 11"
HMIS Workplace Chart is another new revised edition of a widely used program in North America. The system now complies with OSHA's Right to Understand by eliminating the numbered rating system. Using a simplified symbol-only system eliminates language barriers as well as the requirement for additional training. An additional change to the system includes a modification to the text inside the color bars. GHS, expanded personal protection, and target organ effects symbols are now also included on the labels.
Code PO-CH55U Chart 8.5" x 11 " English $2.85
Code PO-Ch55SChart 8.5" x 11 " Spanish $2.85

New GHS Workplace Label Chart 81/2" x 11"
ASK for Free sample


PO-MS54E Canadian or USA
GHS Green Style Workplace Wall Poster 23" x 35"
Laminated Tagboard English
NEW Canadian or USA Workplace Labeling System to comply with World GHS requirements. The Compliance Center has combined the old Canadian PACE labeling system with the new GHS. The systems include the Health Hazard, Physical Hazards, and Environmental Hazard. Also included Target Organ Effect. There are no ratings. GHS categories have catagories from 1 to 5. Read my Blog on Using HMIS
1(one) is the highest and 5 is the lowest. NFPA are 0 to 4 with 4 being the highest, this would make thing confusing because they are opposites. ICC has two label styles you can choose from.
Tick marks and block outs.

User Manuals can be found at Included in the System is ICC new EXPANDED PPE so all workplaces can enjoy the system.. Samples of manufacturers GHS Labels are also shown on the poster.

GHMIS Green Enviromental System.ICC will recommend the green system because we want to make sure the environmental is used in the workplace. We at ICC want to make sure employees in the workplace do not put any toxic chemicals down the drain pipes.
Available in English, Spanish and French (Spanish not Shown).
Code PO-MS54U Poster 23" x 35" English $43.59
CodePO-MS54FPoster 23" x 35" French  
CodePO-MS54SPoster 23" x 35" Spanish $43.59

GHS Green Style Wall Poster 23" x 35"
Laminated Tagboard French.
Complies with WHMIS 2.0 in Canada

GHMIS Charts

GHS Workplace Charts Code PO- CH54E 81/2" x 11" $2.85
Use these as hand outs in the classes
Give them to your customers, schools, and College's

"Help us teach downstream"

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